RSA Conference 2018: Endpoint Protection Top of Mind

Daniel Bernard at RSA Conference 2018

SentinelOne’s Daniel Bernard explains the importance of SonicWall Capture Client endpoint protection, powered by SentinelOne, at the SonicWall booth during RSA Conference 2018 at the Moscone Center.

Endpoint protection has been a cyber security standard for years. But during RSA Conference 2018 at the Moscone Center, it’s clear that it remains a core security challenge for many organizations. Likewise, many cyber security vendors are offering new and better ways to protect end points.

While technology for machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud and application security all still had their place in the RSA speaking sessions, a new era of endpoint protection that’s connected, transparent and easy to manage was on display.

So much so, SonicWall and technology partner SentinelOne shared speaking sessions in one another’s booth to show off SonicWall Capture Client and integrated SentinelOne capabilities, like continuous behavioral monitoring and unique rollback capabilities.

This type of endpoint protection is required to mitigate the most modern cyber attacks, including malware, fileless malware and ransomware — even when encrypted to avoid detection.

Unified end point protection

Brook Chelmo at RSA Conference 2018

SonicWall malware expert Brook Chelmo demonstrates the power of the SonicWall Capture Security Center during a session at the SentinelOne booth at RSA Conference 2018.

SonicWall Capture Client is a unified endpoint offering with multiple protection capabilities. With a next-generation malware protection engine powered by SentinelOne, Capture Client delivers advanced threat protection techniques, such as machine learning and system rollback.

Integration with SonicWall next-generation firewalls deliver zero-touch deployment and enhanced endpoint compliance. Plus, it enables enforcement of DPI-SSL by deploying trusted certificate roots to each endpoint.

Connected through the cloud

But SonicWall Capture Client is more than a simple endpoint protection product. Its biggest differentiator is the way it’s connected, unified and streamlined through the SonicWall Capture Cloud Platform.

The SonicWall Capture Cloud Platform combines the global security intelligence of the Capture Threat Network with the cloud-based management, reporting and analytics of the SonicWall Capture Security Center and the advanced threat prevention of the multi-engine Capture Advanced Threat Protection sandbox. This enables the complete SonicWall portfolio of high-performance hardware, virtual appliances and clients to harness the power of the cloud.

To learn more, download the in-depth data sheet, “SonicWall Capture Client powered by SentinelOne.”

SonicWall Staff