SonicWall Previews New APT at SonicWall World 2015


Suffice it to say, SonicWall ‘s been in the news recently. Certainly the news around EMC has garnered many headlines. But it’s great to know that while all of this goes on, our number one priority remains interacting with our customers from around the world. This week, many of us are at the annual SonicWall  World and the SonicWall Software User Forum 2015 in Austin. SonicWall World is one of our greatest opportunities to interact with our customers one-on-one. It provides us with an opportunity to give and receive information. My role here is certainly to do both. At the start of SonicWall World my focus was to communicate the SonicWall Security Solutions strategy and our roadmap. Yesterday at the SonicWall World Software User Forum main stage, I had the chance to disclose some of our key innovations, including Simplified Infrastructure Management of Security + Networking, SaaS Global Management, and Security Sandboxing just to name a few. But in addition to these innovations, I want to be sure to highlight the exciting technology preview for Network Security.

To protect customers against the increasing dangers of advanced persistent threats (APTs), SonicWall is offering a technology preview of the SonicWall APT Protection Service at SonicWall  World. This new service – available on both firewalls and email security solutions – scans files of any size and holds potentially malicious unknown files until a verdict can be reached. This solution is built on multi-layered sandbox technologies that use both system emulation and virtualization techniques to detect more threats than competitors’ single engine solutions and leverages the SonicWall GRID, our cloud forensics platform which leverages real-time analytics from over 500K connected next-gen firewalls (NGFWs). Customers immediately benefit from fast response times, high security effectiveness and reduced total cost of ownership.

Additional offerings from Network Security include:

  • New integrated management of SonicWall Networking X-Series switches through the SonicWall firewall interface allows customers to manage and enforce security policies across their network security, switching, wireless and WAN acceleration from a single pane of glass. This reduces complexity, increases operational efficiency and ultimately leads to better network security for multi-unit deployments.
  • SonicWall Email Security increases effectiveness with the addition of Cyren anti-virus signatures. SonicWall Hosted Email Security and Email Security appliances running software release 8.2 now features best in class multi-layer AV protection including \SonicWall GRID AV, McAfee AV, Kaspersy AV and Cyren AV.

What I love most about SonicWall World is my time spent talking to our customers and hearing how we can do better. I’m also extremely pleased that we’ve brought in our highly technical experts and resources to conduct in-depth detailed training. If you’re joining us here at SonicWall World 2015 and Software User Forum, THANK you, be sure to attend the track sessions highlighted in an earlier SonicWall World blog. The more training a company gets in security, the more secure they will be. I am thoroughly enjoying our time together. Please let me know if there are additional ways we can support you and be sure to visit our security evangelists in the Solutions Expo over the next few days!

 Picture of the DellWorld stage viewed from the audience

SonicWall Staff