How to Make Your Network Security Infrastructure Future-Ready


It is clear that today’s businesses require reliable network connectivity, and access to both corporate and Internet resources. Connections to and from business units, external customers and SOHOs are all equally important to ensure continuity. Business runs all day, every day, even in off hours. Most companies run operations around the clock, seven days a week, so it is important to realize that solid business continuity strategy and redundancy technology should be considered and implemented.

To enable business productivity, Internet access must be operating and available all of the time. This is sometimes referred to five nines (99.999) uptime. Because things break, and unforeseen events do occur, we need to create an architecture that is ‘highly available’ or up as much as possible, with failures foreseen ahead of time, and the only downtime is for planned maintenance.

Redundancy means different things to different people, but to SonicWall, it means having no single (or in some cases tertiary) point of failure from Layer 2 to Layer 7.

In this exercise at SonicWall World Software User Forum, in Austin, TX, we will dive into the new Firewall Sandwich design that combines the best of breed SonicWall next-gen firewall and SonicWall Networking switch technologies. In this architecture, we will create redundancy in your core/edge network, and review how to properly design and implement this technology in case of a disaster. We will also briefly discuss the failover and failback operation, which may be needed if or when any of the components within our SonicWall solution fail.

We invite you to attend this exclusive SonicWall “How to make your network security infrastructure future-ready” technical training session. Upon completion of this course, you will have in-depth knowledge and a clear understanding of how to implement your future-proofed, network-based scale-out security layer architecture. This is a highly resilient design that offers transparent security services to augment existing security solutions, separate security functions and provides added capacity via N+1 redundancy to solve your most complex and demanding data center requirements. The SonicWall solution delivers the following benefits:

  • Scalability, add more capacity as you go reusing existing equipment
  • Redundancy and resiliency
  • In line upgrade for both firewalls and switches, no need to take a system down for maintenance
  • Single point of management for the Firewall cluster, ability to enforce policies to multiple firewall cluster blades
  • Full security services capability

I look forward to seeing you in Austin for SonicWall World Software User Forum and follow the conversation for updates on Twitter @SonicWall #DWUF and #SonicWallWorld. Register today, and take advantage of the Buy One Get One offer today. If you purchase one pass to the SonicWall World Software User Forum, we will include one additional pass at no extra cost for a colleague.

SonicWall Staff