A Giant Step Forward for Small Business with New SonicWall TZ


Security has not kept up with the improvements in delivery and pricing of broadband speeds. This is especially true with smaller organizations. When these smaller organizations are compromised, they often go out of business.

Larger organizations are also at risk: just look at the news. I keep thinking back to a June 11, 2014 article in USA Today asks, “Is insecurity the new normal?” The article goes on to say that what once captured big headlines has become commonplace. With no end in sight to curtailing the growth of cybercrime, attacks have become chronic. Verizon’s 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report shows a continued upswing in cyber-attacks. Here we are well into 2015 and the wave of breaches continues on. Our goal is to keep networks secure and stay ahead of threats.

Today at Interop in Las Vegas, we announced five new products that can help the distributed enterprises and small and medium business stay ahead of cyber criminals. The new  SonicWall TZ Series of products offers market leading solutions at prices that can fit into tights budgets. The five new firewalls are the SonicWall SOHO, SonicWall TZ300, SonicWall TZ400, SonicWall TZ500 and SonicWall TZ600.

With the SOHO, we are again recognizing that the small office needs to be part of a better security perimeter. The TZ300 and TZ400 are outstanding solutions for the smaller office, whether it is a small business or retail environment. With the TZ500 and TZ600, you get a product that can scale as you grow. The products have the flexibility to meet the special needs of the distributed environment. A SonicWall firewall at the home office with GMS software will allow a centrally managed system to ensure common protection across all locations.

More than ever, small businesses can afford the same security as their larger counterparts. The TZ series recognizes the need to match faster internet connections with security performance that delivers enterprise level security effectiveness. Meeting protection and performance requirements for our customers leads the reason for this refresh.

These are not just about award winning products, but part of SonicWall’s recognition that better security means better business to deliver award winning solutions from the best security team in the industry. With customers who use our new TZ products, you get enterprise grade protection at a price you can afford. With these new products we respond to the dual needs of our customer performance and protection. All of the new SonicWall TZ Series products show exceptional performance and capabilities. In our 2015 SoincWall Security Annual Threat report, we saw a 100 percent spike in growth encrypted SSL traffic. With the TZ300, TZ400, TZ500 and TZ600, the ability to inspect encrypted SSL files will be included in our TotalSecure offer.

For all our products, our design goal is to provide products that inspect the whole file. Unlike our competitors who can only maintain performance by inspecting a limited number of ports, file sizes or protocols like SSL, SonicWall products protect you by not cutting corners with security.

Building a strong security perimeter needs to extend beyond the home office to include branch offices and retail sites. The SonicWall TZ series is part of a tightly coupled security solution when combined with GMS for management and 802.11ac SonicPoints. We offer products at price points that provide any value conscious organization the same level of security effectiveness found in our enterprise products. As you grow, and cybercriminals continue to attack, customers and suppliers rely on  SonicWall to be the strongest link in the security chain protecting from unwanted intrusions, corrupt websites, and hidden malware.

Our products are better: All of our products share the same security engine that earned SonicWall SuperMassive E10800 a recommended rating by NSS Labs.

Our products are faster: Our new products increases both the core count and core speed to further enhance Deep Packet inspection performance without compromising network throughput. Coupled with our new 802.11ac SonicPoints, your wireless communication can reach wired speeds.

Our products continue to be affordable solutions for any size business. Our bundle pricing is an affordable path to broad protection that can be renewed at very affordable rates.

SonicWall has a reputation for providing solutions to meet the needs of any size of business. The new TZ product line joins the NSA and SuperMassive product lines to give any organization, be it a business, a school, a hospital or a government agency state of the art tools to solve their network security needs. As part of the broad SoincWall Security solution that includes identity and access management, patch management and encryption.

Beyond launching new firewalls, SoincWall’s commitment to provide solutions will allow your business to thrive and grow by taking advantage of all the power the internet has to offer with the confidence that you are protected by SoincWall Security.

If you are planning to be at Interop, come visit SoincWall Security at booth 1827. Follow SonicWall Security on twitter @SoincWallSecurity.

SonicWall Staff