MS08-067 Server Service Buffer Overflow (Oct 23, 2008)

A vulnerability has been reported in the Server service of most versions of Microsoft Windows. This service facilitates file, print, and named-pipe sharing over the network for Windows-based computers. These remote access facilities are often […]

MS08-067 exploit in wild (Oct 23, 2008)

Attacks using the latest Microsoft Windows Server Service vulnerability seen in the wild

MS Windows IPP Buffer Overflow (Oct 17, 2008)

The Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) is a standard network protocol for managing remote printing. IPP is built on HTTP/1.1 and supports access control, encryption and authentication. The Microsoft IPP implementation consists of an ISAPI extension […]

New statement spam (Oct 17, 2008)

New Trojan being spammed in fake email message pretending to contain a Statement document.

SQL Injection Attack Summary (Oct 10, 2008)

The summary of SQL Injection Attacks for the past two months.

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