Why Healthcare Must Do More (and Do Better) to Ensure Patient Safety

With attacks on healthcare rising dramatically, SonicWall’s Capture Cloud Platform helps ensure patient care delivery is more efficient, resilient and secure. Within the last 30 days, data breaches at nearly 40 healthcare organizations across 20 […]

Healthcare and Cybersecurity During the Pandemic

Hospitals, along with other care and research facilities, are at the forefront of the global effort to fight COVID-19. As the Red Cross warned the U.N., “If hospitals cannot provide life-saving treatment in the middle of a […]

Securing Internet-Connected Devices in Healthcare

This article is based on an interview with SonicWall PreSales Engineer Barbara Vibbert, who spent 10 years in healthcare IT and more than 20 years in information security. From the carts that roll from room […]

5 Cyberattack Vectors for MSSP to Mitigate in Healthcare

It’s no secret that healthcare continues to be one of the most targeted industries for cybercriminals. Healthcare providers store and maintain some of the most valuable data and the appetite for fraudulent claims or fake […]

Cyber Security News & Trends

Each week, SonicWall collects the cyber security industry’s most compelling, trending and important interviews, media and news stories — just for you. SonicWall Spotlight Cybersecurity 500 List, 2018 Edition — Cybersecurity Ventures SonicWall is announced […]