Can You Catch All the Phish? Take Our New Phishing IQ Quiz and Find Out!

Sometimes you realize it just a split-second too late. A wave of terror passes over you as you wonder, What did I just click? I think I’ve really messed up! If this sounds familiar to […]

Think Before You Click: Spotting and Stopping a Phish

It’s nearly 3 p.m. and, despite three cups of coffee, you’ve barely made a dent in the massive backlog that didn’t even exist when you got in this morning. You decide to steal a precious […]

Resist the Lure of Amazon Spear Phishing

Let’s be real: Approximately everyone and their grandma buy things on Amazon. Amazon became the world’s largest retailer in 2019, and its branding is recognized around the globe. But this widespread popularity can bring with […]

Your Email DLP Just Got Better and More Secure

These days, all types of business communications are done via email — so employees cannot sacrifice the mobility, reliability and economy of their inboxes. From contract information to the latest sales reports, it is imperative […]

All it Takes is One Click!

Have you ever found yourself wondering whether you should click a URL you received in an email? Thinking, “Where does the URL really go? Is it safe for me to access, or is there malware […]

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