Backup Best Practices To Help You Get Back Up and Running

Each year on March 31, we celebrate World Backup Day as a reminder of how priceless our data is. Whether you’re a big tech company with thousands of terabytes of invaluable data, or a parent […]

5 Strategies for Thoughtful K-12 Network Infrastructure Upgrades

Technology and education haven’t always gone hand in hand. Just a decade ago, many schools had completely banned technologies like smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. But the classrooms of 2024 have done a complete 180: […]

SonicWall Data Shows Attacks on Schools Skyrocketing

Threat actors increasingly targeted K-12 districts in 2022, resulting in triple-digit spikes in malware, ransomware, encrypted threats and IoT attacks. While K-12 schools had already been increasing their dependence on technology, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated […]

How Cybercrime Impacted Education in 2021

According to a report in The Journal, as of early August, more than 60% of parents were hesitant to send their children back to school this fall due to a large uptick in pediatric COVID-19 […]

Cybercrime on Campus: How Education Became Attackers’ Biggest Target

At the core of educational philosophy is the idea that no two schools (or students) are alike. But regardless of differences in location, revenue or grade level, educational institutions are increasingly facing a common problem: […]