RSAC 2024: Don’t Call It a Comeback, We’ve Been Here for Years

From the introduction of the SonicPlatform to lockpicking challenges and custom kicks, here’s a look at what happened during SonicWall’s RSAC 2024.


A New Chapter

RSAC 2024 is officially in the books, and it was incredible! Seeing the cybsersecurity community gather to showcase new products and capabilities while networking and sharing ideas was invaluable. We’ve recently adopted a new tagline here at SonicWall – “Never Alone. Relentless Security.” And we were certainly never alone at RSAC 2024, as we set a new all-time record for booth visitors! That’s quite the achievement for a company that’s been at it for over 32 years. But this new motto has much greater meaning to us and our values as a company. It highlights our dedication to our partner community and reminds us that we are never alone when we work together, and it keeps our pursuit for relentless security and in-house expertise top of mind. We had a lot of “new” at RSAC this year – new motto, new products, new faces, new strategies and more. Let’s dive into some of the highlights for SonicWall this year.

Upping Our Game

This year, we wanted our booth to stand out from the crowd, opting for a clear, white background with a pop of vibrant SonicWall orange. These bright, inviting colors made our booth shine in a sea of the more typical colors found at security conferences.

Figure 1: Our amazing team gathered at the SonicWall booth.

We kept our “drip” cohesive and unified with matching shirts and SonicWall-branded custom Nikes. Wherever we went, people knew we were with SonicWall – and they were definitely jealous when they saw the shoes.

Figure 2: Our custom SonicWall Nike’s

We kept visitors engaged at our booth with a challenging lockpicking exercise, handing out prizes to anyone who could successfully pick the lock. We also provided prizes to anyone who engaged with a demo or presentation. And yes, we did give away a pair of our stunning custom Nikes as a prize.

As a company that’s made two acquisitions in the past five months, it was important for us to show up as one company, and I think we knocked it out of the park. Not only did we show up as a unified whole repping SonicWall and our firewalls, but we also covered cloud security and our new Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services in our live talks. We’ve grown a lot in the past year, and we wanted our visitors to experience the new SonicWall.

SonicWall Brings the Heat

This conference wasn’t just about us dropping a hot new shoe into the world of sneaker-heads – that was an added bonus. We also plugged RSAC to debut our latest, innovative cybersecurity platform, SonicPlatform. SonicPlatform is designed to unify all SonicWall products into a single integrated interface, and it was met with rave reviews, being named one the  20 coolest cybersecurity products at RSAC this year by CRN.

CRN was impressed by SonicPlatform’s enablement of our MSP and MSSP partners to efficiently manage multiple client environments, automate key tasks, reduce operational costs, enhance service delivery and garner valuable insights—all through a single, user-friendly interface. You can read more about SonicPlatform in our press release.

And SonicPlatform wasn’t the only attention-grabber for us– SecureIQLab honored us with their Advanced Cloud Firewall Contender Award as well.

Riding the Wave of Momentum

We weren’t the only ones who thought what we brought to the table was cool. Several media members came by the booth to meet with executives and get a first-hand experience with the new SonicPlatform. As a result, we’ve seen several stories published in addition to the announcement by CRN listed above:

Figure 3: CNBC filming a demo of the new SonicPlatform

We Came, We Saw, We Conquered

We had several goals in mind for RSAC this year. We came in to stand out from the crowd, show off our unification and cohesion as a company, and showcase some of our most exciting new products. I think it’s fair to say we accomplished all of that and much more. It wouldn’t have been possible without our SonicWall team working tirelessly to make this happen – especially those on the ground at the event who showed up with ambition, pride and wonderful smiles each day. Let’s make breaking records and raising the bar a SonicWall tradition, not just at RSAC, but in all things we do. For now, that’s a wrap on RSAC 2024.

Christine Bartlett
SVP, Chief Marketing Officer | SonicWall
As SonicWall's SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Bartlett oversees the global marketing team, with responsibility for building the global brand, driving partner marketing and expanding into new routes to market. Her addition is one of the final pieces to a company-wide leadership transformation that has a relentless focus on our partners.

Bartlett joins SonicWall from Cisco Systems, where she served as the Senior Director of Integrated Marketing in cybersecurity for more than 10 years, with an emphasis on channel marketing and mergers and acquisitions. She has an incredibly strong communications background and is an expert in building foundational bridges within an organization to deliver results. Prior to her time at Cisco Systems, she worked as a consultant, driving marketing and communications campaigns for HP, Chevron and PG&E. When she isn’t working, she loves to spend time with her husband and two kids and enjoy the outdoors.  She has hiked all the way to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite, scuba dived in the Fiji Islands, and traveled to more than 17 different countries, including Brazil, Nicaragua, India, China and the Netherlands.