Illuminating Cybersecurity with Unified Insights


SonicWall delivers cross-product security visibility and greater efficiency with a single pane of glass.

Gone are the days when cybersecurity managers have to rely on individual product monitors to determine the security status of their networks. Instead, the increase in threats and attack vectors, the rise in the cost of operations and the shortage of skilled IT candidates make it necessary to leverage a unified workspace that delivers clarity and actionable insights all in one interface. In addition, they now want the means to give their security teams the ability to drill through analysis quickly and springboard into their investigations more efficiently.

But what is it that will truly drive value for administrators and analysts? What is it that makes up such a unified workspace? Our customer research has shown us that it comes down to:

  1. A Unified Workspace – where the entire team can work together under a single pane of glass with complete insights from the network, endpoints, and cloud security controls.
  2. Customizable Insights – administrators and analysts need actionable insights, but what is actionable tends to vary; customization is required for each environment.
  3. Context-aware Investigations – insights are helpful, but they only give us the tip of the iceberg. Security administrators often need to dig deep to identify the root cause and review other additional indicators through context-aware investigative workflows.

Introducing Capture Security Center (CSC) Unified Insights

When we launched Capture Security Center (CSC), our vision was to create a platform that delivers standardized and unified experiences. CSC’s design offers the proper foundation for managing all aspects of the network ecology. The introduction of Unified Insights adds a streamlined cross-platform experience for everyone including CISOs, SOC administrators, security analysts, auditors, compliance managers and more.

Unified Insights is designed as a unified workspace for security teams of all sizes – from the small-medium businesses to enterprises to MSSPs – that delivers actionable insights in a single pane of glass across SonicWall’s Firewall, Endpoint, Wireless and Switch lines of products. In this first version, Unified Insights delivers unified dashboards with data from supported cloud-based platforms – currently, this includes Network Security Manager (SaaS), Capture Client, and Wireless Network Manager.

With Unified Insights, administrators gain a default dashboard configured with recommended charts based on what subscriptions are active in their tenant. Team members can customize their dashboard to a layout of their choice with graphs of their preference based on their tenants’ entitlements. The rich library of charts for each product area will continuously expand as the SonicWall portfolio evolves. Members of the same organization can also view dashboard layouts created by their colleagues to inspire more productive workspaces.

Every graph is clickable and supports drill-down investigations to the individual products that generated the data. For example, if a team member sees something that catches their attention, they will click a graph, icon, or list to see cumulative data they need to make an analysis. In addition, administrators can create a portable snapshot of the dashboard to be sent to business stakeholders or customers as part of a periodic “State of Security” report.

A Free Beta Test for all NSM SaaS Subscribers

CSC Unified Insights is currently in beta and automatically activated at no additional cost for all subscribers of NSM SaaS to manage their firewalls, Capture Client, or Wireless Network Manager to manage their SonicWall access points and switches. So, take it for a spin and participate in our Beta community, where you can ask questions or provide feedback and help drive the future of the product.

We’re at the beginning of this new development for Unified Insights. Our vision is to provide security and management teams the best single workspace they need for reporting, analytics, and incident management. With, Unified Insights, we continue to drive the Boundless cybersecurity model for our customers, and we invite you to be a part of that evolution!

For more information, read the datasheet.

Suroop Chandran
Senior Product Manager | SonicWall
Suroop leads product management for the SonicWall Capture Client and SonicWall Web Application Firewall products and is the subject matter expert on reporting, alerting and dashboarding for the SonicWall Capture Security Center. With over 12 years of cybersecurity experience, Suroop has played multiple roles from being a security analyst in a SOC to building SOCs for Fortune 500 companies, to helping regional and global MSSPs develop their own SOC services.