RSA Conference 2017: Prevent Breaches, Stop Ransomware and Block IoT Hacks with SonicWall


The 2017 RSA Conference opens at Moscone Center in San Francisco next week, February 13-17. One of the biggest cybersecurity events of the year, the conference allows thousands of industry professionals to interact with leading security experts to learn about the latest threats, strategies and techniques to combat increasingly more devastating cyber-attacks. As a gold sponsor, SonicWall will demonstrate cutting-edge security solutions that enable our customers to stay ahead of cybercriminals in the continually evolving cyber arms race. We will talk about the advances that both the cybersecurity industry and the cybercriminal organizations have made over the past year, as outlined in our 2017 Annual Threat Report. In the SonicWall booth #N3911, we will also demo solutions to prevent breaches, stop phishing attacks, block ransomware, uncover SSL encrypted threats and identify compromised IoT devices.

SonicWall’s presentations, demos and experts at the conference will empower you and your organization’s networks to overcome numerous crimes targeting weak spots in your network. You will definitely want to see a demo of our award-winning multi-engine sandbox, SonicWall Capture ATP, which scans network traffic to prevent zero-day and advanced threats. We will show how we can block unknown files until Capture reaches a verdict, which is made possible by a highly effective multi-engine sandbox. Near real-time verdicts are rendered by our highly efficient GRID cloud threat network. Our next-gen firewalls also detect malware using SSL or TLS encryption to cloak malicious behavior, C&C communication and exfiltration.

Because email is a constant target for attacks we will have a kiosk introducing our revolutionary technology for email security. SonicWall’s Email Security solutions allow you to deploy a next-gen solution for protecting email files, stop phishing and block ransomware. Talk to our experts and learn how you can block spoofed email and attacks with our hosted service for SMB or via our on premise enterprise email security solutions. We will be making an exciting announcement, be sure to stop by and find out!

Today’s ever-growing number of connected devices by mobile workers and vendors requires organizations to rethink their needs for IoT security. SonicWall’s access security and network segmentation delivers the right level of access to your mobile workers and reduces the threat surface. Right network segmentation is required for critical business apps and data to ensure better protection. With our Secure Mobile Access solutions, you can define granular access policies, enforce multi-factor authentication and monitor all activities for compliance.

Our goal is to help our customers stay protected and ahead of today’s, ever-changing cyber-attacks. Start your journey at booth N3911 on Monday night with the welcome reception and experience first-hand how SonicWall next-gen firewalls, access security and email security offer the power to be competitive and fearless. Tune in via Twitter #RSAC and follow @SonicWall. If you want a head start, you can play with our security solutions online by visiting our Live Demo site. You can get a Free Expo Pass: with the following code: XS7DELL.

SonicWall Staff