25 Years of Cutting-edge SonicWall Security: Deliver the “Yes” to Future Innovation


This week, we are officially a separate company owned by Francisco Partners. Our new leader, Bill Conner, President and CEO of SonicWall, has outlined a vision and strategy in his blog for our newly invigorated company to grow and thrive. We are ecstatic about the changes ahead. We have a long history of securing organizations in an ever evolving industry.

Organizations know security isn’t an afterthought. It’s at the core of everything they do. Without it, they can’t grow, can’t move forward, and can’t innovate. Without strong security, too often, out of fear, organizations default to inaction. They say NO to innovation.

Saying NO to innovation is playing to lose. Great organizations don’t play to lose. Great organizations partner with companies that lead and demonstrate year over year that they anticipate security trends. They solve advanced security threats, simultaneously reducing IT complexity. They partner with security companies that enable them to say YES, without security fears, to projects and initiatives that unlock innovations yielding success.

For 25 years SonicWall has been the industry’s trusted security partner protecting millions of networks worldwide. From Network Security, Access Security, to Email Security, we have continuously evolved our product portfolio to fit in effectively, quickly and seamlessly. SonicWall has a tradition of providing innovative security solutions that enable organizations to innovate, to accelerate and to grow.

“SonicWall’s increased investment and commitment to channel partners is great news,” said Larry Cecchini, CEO, Secure Designs, Inc. “SonicWall has long been a highly regarded brand—sophisticated in its technology and in particular an excellent vehicle for managed services businesses. We are expecting our partnership with SonicWall to go from strength to strength.”

Our customers know it takes strong security to say Yes! SonicWall is the trusted partner that allows organizations to say Yes to the future without fear.

As a new company, we will continue to listen and refine our products to better protect to our partners and customers as your “Trusted Partner.” As a new SonicWall – you can count on our sophisticated solutions that are simple and easy to use and top performing technology. We are proud to immediately invest in the new SecureFirst Program and support our loyal channel partners who continue to succeed.

After 13 years at SonicWall, I am here to chart the future with all of you and am honored to support our partners and customers – protecting over a million networks worldwide. We want to hear from you. Stay connected @SonicWall. Together, we are your partner in cybersecurity.

SonicWall Staff