A Winning Wireless Combo – New SonicWall TZ Wireless Firewalls and SonicWall SonicPoints 802.11ac


This is a guest post by Timothy Martinez, Founder and President of Western NRG, a premier partner of SonicWall Solutions.

The new  SonicWall TZ Wireless line offers comprehensive security and powerful performance for wired and wireless networks, all in one unit. These network security appliances bring huge technical strides in processing and inspection power to the TZ line, along with 802.11ac wireless, which has up to 3x the throughput of previous wireless standards. The new TZ Wireless series is a powerful all-in-one solution that is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses that are looking for top-notch network performance with the latest wireless improvements.

We have had phenomenal results deploying the SonicPoint AC wireless access points since their release earlier this year. Every customer that has implemented the AC SonicPoints has seen significant improvement in the quality and speed of their wireless network. The technical improvements of the 802.11ac wireless standard combined with the high quality of the SonicPoint hardware have made the release the best one yet. The AC SonicPoints make enterprise-class wireless accessible and affordable for anyone with a SonicWall firewall. Organizations that require large areas to have complete wireless coverage love how the SonicPoints integrate with their existing network infrastructure and can be centrally managed from a familiar and intuitive interface. Wireless technology has improved by leaps and bounds over the last five years, and the performance that customers who are using the new SonicPoint AC access points are experiencing is the truest testament to that.

The  SonicWall TZ Wireless firewall line is ideal for customers that have need for a single wireless access point for their location. Customers with networks that are distributed across multiple geographies love how the TZ Wireless solution allows them to implement a single device for network routing, security and wireless access. They also benefit from having a single integrated device because it lowers the cost and complexity of implementation and ongoing support. The new TZ line has the latest security and wireless technologies combined into one simple, desktop form-factor appliance.

One word of caution I would offer about recommending these appliances for certain environments is placement. The location of the firewall will need to be central enough in the customer location to provide adequate wireless coverage. Often, we see the location of the internet modem, and therefore the firewall is in a telco closet in the back of the building, which is generally not the ideal location to have your wireless broadcast point situated. This is something you will want to clarify in the pre-sales process in order to guarantee a successful implementation and happy customer.

The Generation 6 TZ SonicWall and SonicWall SonicPoint AC lines are the most powerful firewall and wireless products that  SonicWall has released to date. They bring true enterprise-level firewall and wireless capabilities to the SMB market with outstanding performance and rich feature sets. The SonicWall TZ Wireless line puts these great products into a single package that is ideal for security specialists and customers alike.

SonicWall Staff