Combat Cyber Espionage with New SonicWall TZ Wireless Firewalls


How many times have you heard the phrase, “Your data is your most valuable possession?” Pretty often I bet. And it’s true. The information your organization keeps is extremely important not only to you, but to your customers as well.

I was thinking about this the other day while watching a scene from the movie “The Incredibles” where the superhero mom tells her daughter, “Your identity is your most valuable possession. Protect it.” That’s good advice, whether it’s data, records or even the identity of your employees or your customers. Protecting the things that are valuable to your organization from the seemingly relentless onslaught of theft is critical in today’s world.

Every day we are all potential victims of cyber-espionage. It doesn’t matter what size your organization is. Sure, the bigger the victim the larger the headline. To safeguard our customers against attack, today SonicWall has announced the new SonicWall TZ Wireless firewall series which combines enterprise-grade security, deep packet inspection of SSL-encrypted traffic and integrated high-speed 802.11ac wireless for small and medium-sized businesses and distributed enterprises.

Back in April we announced our new lineup of secure, high-performance SonicWall TZ series firewalls that help both small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and large distributed enterprises protect their most valuable assets. The TZ series allows SoincWall to offer market-leading security solutions to its customers at a price that fits under even the tightest budgets. With these new firewalls, small organizations can afford the same security effectiveness as large enterprises.

One of our premier partners, Western NRG, has already experienced the incredible benefits of the new TZ wireless firewalls.

“Since I upgraded my remote office from a TZ 105 Wireless to the new TZ500 Wireless I have noticed a substantial increase in my Internet speeds! I am truly taking advantage of the 100Mb download offering from my ISP. In addition, I have also added the new SonicPoint ACi to the network. The boys at NRG configured the TZ500 Wireless and the SonicPoint ACi to use the 5GHz radio and a single SSID which allows me to connect anywhere in the multi-story 3400 square foot facility and have seamless wireless access to networking resources now with amazing speeds!” said Tim Martinez, president of Western NRG, Inc.

The TZ Wireless series takes security and performance another giant step forward with built-in secure WiFi connectivity. And not just any WiFi. With these new firewalls, our customers can have the same level of protection and performance on their wireless networks as they do on their wired networks.

If you’re familiar with the benefits of 802.11ac, good for you. If you’re not, there are plenty of articles you can read on the subject. Even better, check out Scott Grebe’s blog titled “Three Reasons to Make the Jump to 802.11ac.”If you don’t have the time, here is the abbreviated version.

  • 802.11ac is really fast. It’s about 3x faster than its predecessor 802.11n. Faster speed means greater employee productivity and a better user experience.
  • 802.11ac enhances the quality of the wireless signal. Ever have a poor WiFi or cellular connection? How did that make you feel?
  • 802.11ac plays well with earlier wireless standards. In other words, it’s backward compatible with WiFi devices that use the 802.11n, b, g or a standards like your mobile phone, tablet and laptop so you can continue to use them to connect to the wireless network if you want.

The integration of high-speed wireless into our TZ series firewalls is good news for SonicWall customers. It enables us to offer them a complete security solution for wired and wireless networks of all sizes. SMBs love the highly integrated nature of the TZ series along with the simplified setup and management. Configuration of the LAN and wireless LAN and accompanying security is all done through the appliance’s GUI. So is the management. Distributed enterprises also enjoy these same benefits, however many take things a step further by adding our award-winning Global Management System (GMS) to enable centralized management and reporting of multiple TZ series firewalls deployed in different locations.

With the introduction of our new TZ Wireless series we have our strongest lineup ever of wired and wireless firewall solutions for SMBs and distributed enterprises. Whether it’s our customers’ data, their records or even their superhero identities, we’re able to protect it like no one else. If you want to learn more about the TZ series including our new wireless models featuring 802.11ac, check out the TZ series page on our website.

SonicWall Staff