Tackle Your Compliance Demands with SonicWall’s New Hosted Email Encryption


Email security is critical to protect your email from threats including spam, phishing attacks and malware. What’s more, government regulations now hold businesses and organizations accountable for protecting confidential data, ensuring it is not leaked and ensuring the secure exchange of email containing sensitive customer data or confidential information.

Contech Engineering Frees up IT Resources with SonicWall Hosted Email Security

Contech Engineered Solutions needed a better way to control spam and viruses, which IT spent too much time managing. The company deployed a hosted SonicWall email security solution and now saves 10 hours per month due to reduced support call volume, freeing up IT to handle more proactive tasks.

“Maintaining SonicWall Hosted Email Security has been a dream. It basically runs itself and allows our employees lots of flexibility to determine their own level of spam filtering,”said Matt Alvord, Senior Systems Engineer, Contech Engineered Solutions.

Contech now has the ability to respond faster to customers, because the SonicWall solution blocks spam and viruses in the cloud, so only legitimate email can be delivered to the company’s email infrastructure. As a result, network bandwidth is preserved. And, Contech receives strong, unified support from a single vendor because it has multiple SonicWall products, including the email security solution, network monitoring tools and laptops.

Mobile-Ready Secure Email Exchange

If your email security needs are evolving to include protection of confidential information to meet email compliance demands, consider SonicWall for a powerful solution that provides advanced compliance scanning and management as well as email encryption for mobile-ready secure email exchange.

The SonicWall Hosted Email Security service offers superior cloud-based protection from inbound and outbound email threats at an affordable, predictable and flexible monthly or annual subscription price. Available now, the service adds:

  • Compliance scanning and management to prevent confidential data leaks and regulatory violations.
  • An optional, integrated email encryption service that ensures secure exchange of confidential information.

Reduce Phishing Attacks with DMARC Advanced Email Authentication

In addition to new features to protect from compliance violations, the Hosted Email Security service also adds advanced email authentication technology and reporting. Now available, the service supports SPF, DKIM and DMARC technologies that help identify spoofed mail, reduce spam and phishing attacks, DMARC also enables reporting on sources and senders of email. This empowers you to identify and shut down unauthorized senders falsifying your email address to protect your brand. And for faster, more efficient administration, the service now includes a customizable, drag and drop dashboard and reports.

Learn More about SonicWall Hosted Email Security and Encryption Services

The new Hosted Email Security features and optional Email Encryption service are now available to our subscribers.

For more information about SonicWall Hosted Email Security and our new Email Encryption service, please visit our website or contact a SonicWall representative at 1.888.557.6642, or email sales@sonicwall.com.

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