SonicWall at RSAC 2024: The Art of the Platform

The RSA Conference is the epicenter where the industry’s brightest minds gather, foster enlightening discussions, and unveil groundbreaking solutions to elevate your organization. During this year’s conference, which runs from May 6-9, we’ll be at […]

The 2023 Threat Mindset Survey: SonicWall Customers Sound Off

Cybersecurity is a dynamic, constantly changing field, and threats lurk around every corner for those lacking the knowledge or tools to protect themselves. To get a better idea of customer sentiment and firsthand experience on […]

Kicking Off Another Winning Year

The past year has been filled with wins here at SonicWall. We revamped our SecureFirst Partner Program, made important additions to the SonicWall family in Solutions Granted and Banyan, and triumphed in countless other ways. […]

Details Matter: Why Threat Headlines Shouldn’t Direct Your Strategy

Originally published in the December 2023 issue of Cyber Defense Magazine. As Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast.” Most people, especially cybersecurity professionals, know the feeling. Minutes — sometimes seconds — matter in […]

CAFE TECH: Serving Up SonicWall, One Cup at a Time

Catching up with friends and colleagues over a cup of coffee is a time-honored tradition. But what if you could enjoy a coffee break with more than a thousand of your friends at once, keeping […]

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