What’s the Malware Capital of the US?

A lot of the dangers in the U.S. follow logical and predictable patterns. If you want to avoid tornadoes, you shouldn’t live in Oklahoma, Kansas or Nebraska. If you’re worried about hurricanes and earthquakes, you […]

Protect Against SYLKin Attack with SonicWall Cloud App Security

With the definition of normal changing with each passing day, the ongoing pandemic has forced security professionals to re-evaluate new working models and how they can prevent attackers from targeting end users. Albert Einstein once […]

New Cyber Threat Intelligence Finds Malicious Office Files Spiking, Ransomware Up during COVID-19 Pandemic

Explore the Mid-Year Update to the 2020 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in the first half of 2020, cybersecurity entered uncharted territory. As organizations worked to connect and secure […]

The New Front in Hospitals’ Battle Against COVID-19: Ransomware

In 2016, hackers attacked Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles. While systems critical to patient care weren’t affected, for two weeks, employees were locked out of email and other forms of electronic communications. Ultimately, […]

Inside Cybercriminal Inc.: SonicWall Exposes New Cyberattack Data, Threat Actor Behaviors in Latest Report

For cybercriminals and threat actors, the digital frontier is a lawless panorama of targets and opportunity. Despite the best intentions of government agencies, law enforcement and oversight groups, the modern cyber threat landscape is more […]



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