How Cybercrime Impacted Education in 2021

According to a report in The Journal, as of early August, more than 60% of parents were hesitant to send their children back to school this fall due to a large uptick in pediatric COVID-19 […]

Latest Cyber Threat Intelligence Shows Ransomware Skyrocketing

2021 has already been a record-setting year for cybercrime — and it’s only halfway over. While high-profile attacks such as Colonial Pipeline and Kaseya continue making headlines, businesses of all sizes, across all industries, are […]

SonicWall Announces Capture Labs Portal

With threats of almost every type on the rise, the SonicWall Capture Labs threat research team has been busier than ever in 2021. Our job is to gather, analyze and vet cross-vector threat information from […]

Resist the Lure of Amazon Spear Phishing

Let’s be real: Approximately everyone and their grandma buy things on Amazon. Amazon became the world’s largest retailer in 2019, and its branding is recognized around the globe. But this widespread popularity can bring with […]


Already a Record-Breaking Year for Ransomware, 2021 May Just Be Warming Up

We live in a nation preoccupied with the setting of new records. But while many records are newsworthy, not all of this news is good news. Two examples that have recently made headlines: the mid-June […]



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