Q3 Cyber Threat Intelligence Details a September to Remember

Despite predictions from many in the political sphere, the autumn of 2020 didn’t bring an October Surprise. But it did bring plenty of September compromise, as cybercriminals ramped up their nefarious activities to an unprecedented […]

Securing Internet-Connected Devices in Healthcare

This article is based on an interview with SonicWall PreSales Engineer Barbara Vibbert, who spent 10 years in healthcare IT and more than 20 years in information security. From the carts that roll from room […]

Another Reason to Not Pay the Ransom: Trouble with Uncle Sam

It’s an idea so ingrained in our culture that it’s been repeated by action movie stars, debated at length by political scholars, and cited in literature from young-adult fiction to parenting advice books: Do not […]

Securing Devices at Home and at Work

2020 has seen sweeping changes in everything from where we work, to how we shop, to how we secure our networks. Never before have we seen such concerted attacks on home networks — and never […]

The Scope of Application Vulnerabilities

The use of business applications has grown 68% over the past four years — which has created headaches for IT, who are responsible for managing and for cleaning up any messes. To help you understand […]



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