Latest Threat Intelligence Tracks Shifting Cyber Frontlines in 2022

Few of 2021’s trends escaped 2022 unscathed. Here’s a quick look at the accelerations and reversals detailed in the 2023 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report. With the pandemic finally relenting in many areas, employees returning to […]

Can You Catch All the Phish? Take Our New Phishing IQ Quiz and Find Out!

Sometimes you realize it just a split-second too late. A wave of terror passes over you as you wonder, What did I just click? I think I’ve really messed up! If this sounds familiar to […]

The Art of Cyber War: Sun Tzu and Cybersecurity

Weighing the lessons of Sun Tzu and how they apply to cybersecurity. Sun Tzu sought to revolutionize the way war was fought. That’s saying quite a bit, since he was born in 544 BCE and […]

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Cybersecurity and the Metaverse: Virtual and Real Threats

American novelist Neal Stephenson coined the term metaverse in his book Snow Crash (1992). Since then, futurists and cyber-enthusiasts have used it to describe a wide range of immersive virtual worlds where humans engage each other in […]

First-Half 2022 Threat Intelligence: Geopolitical Forces Rapidly Reshaping Cyber Frontlines

Cybersecurity and geopolitics have always been inseparably linked, and in the past six months we’ve seen this increasingly play out across the threat landscape. Based on data from the mid-year update to the 2022 SonicWall […]

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