SonicWall Security – Helping CSOs Turn No into Yes

A chief security officer’s (CSO) life is not easy. Typically, requests of them sound like this: “Please deploy more, do it faster, more efficiently, with less money, more securely, and – oh, by the way, […]

Securing a Scalable Network

Note: This is a guest blog by Ken Fletcher, CEO of Quarterhorse Technology Inc., a  SonicWall Premier Partner based in New York. Security is a major concern for small and large companies. When small […]

Avoid Making a Costly Network Security Shortlist Decision

Living the life of a chief security officer (CSO), chief information security officer (CISO) or any title with the word “security” in it nowadays is surely a heart-wrenching experience each day. Far too often, yet […]

Accelerate Application Performance for a Better User Experience

A few years back I was living outside the US with my family and working from my home office, specifically my attic. When you’re a remote or mobile employee your work experience is a little […]

WAN Acceleration on the Back Burner? Time to Move It Up

In our last blog we talked about the benefits of adding WAN acceleration into a network to accelerate and improve application performance. What I’ve observed from talking with others in the industry is most IT […]

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