How SonicWall Signature “Families” Block Emerging Ransomware Variants

When you look at the most damaging network security invasions over the last year, you see a recurring pattern: leaked government cyber tools being repurposed by cybercriminals. The compromised NSA toolset leaked by Shadow Brokers […]

Why GDPR Makes it Urgent to Scan Encrypted Traffic for Data Loss

“Inspect every packet, every time.” This has been my advice to any network admin or business owner for many years.  This is equally important in regards to encrypted traffic.  Much of the Internet has become […]

Strategic Re-routing with Equal-Cost Multi-Path (ECMP) – New in SonicOS 6.5 for Firewalls

As intranet networks grow and evolve over time, often duplicate, or even multiple, paths are created to reach a destination. As these paths evolve and get more complex, they can result in failed links. Interior […]

Take Steps to Minimize the Impact Black Friday and Cyber Monday Online Shopping Poses to Your Network

Now that Halloween has passed and Thanksgiving is on the near-term horizon, the holiday shopping season is kicking in. Almost as soon as the trick-or-treating ended the Black Friday ads starting pouring into my email […]

SonicWall and our Channel Partners Team to Deliver New High-Value Security Professional Services to Fight the Bad Guys

I can only imagine the pressure that comes with the job of being responsible for a company’s network security.  These individuals are not only entrusted with protecting company and customer data, but the reputation of […]

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