Accelerate Application Performance for a Better User Experience

A few years back I was living outside the US with my family and working from my home office, specifically my attic. When you’re a remote or mobile employee your work experience is a little […]

WAN Acceleration on the Back Burner? Time to Move It Up

In our last blog we talked about the benefits of adding WAN acceleration into a network to accelerate and improve application performance. What I’ve observed from talking with others in the industry is most IT […]

The Evolution of Defense-in-Depth

This post was written by Dan Cole. As enterprises continue to shore up their defenses in anticipation of the next breach, it’s understood by many security professionals that it’s not a matter of if it […]

Increase Your Network Security and Control Through Segmentation

When you think about securing down a network using a next-generation firewall, in most cases the process immediately goes from the Internet to the local area network (LAN). This may be a good way of […]

SonicWall Firewall As A Service Offers New GMS Infrastructure

Today, customers are looking for more security and insight into the traffic on their network, without the burden of managing it on their own. Increasingly managed service providers (MSPs) are being asked to deliver network […]



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