Enhance Security and Control Access to Critical Assets with Network Segmentation

Before COVID-19, most corporate employees worked in offices, using computers connected to the internal network. Once users connected to these internal networks, they typically had access to all the data and applications without many restrictions. […]

Three Keys to Modern Cyberdefense: Affordability, Availability, Efficacy

Choosing a cybersecurity vendor can feel like a never-ending series of compromises. But with SonicWall’s portfolio of high-quality solutions — available at industry-leading TCOs and in stock — it doesn’t have to. (Our previous supply-chain […]

BEC Attacks: Can You Stop the Imposters in Your Inbox?

BEC attacks are a $1.8 billion dollar racket — and statistically, your business will be targeted sooner rather than later. Watch this webinar to learn how to stop them. If asked which of the threat […]

Anti-Ransomware Day: What Can We Do to Prevent the Next WannaCry?

This Anti-Ransomware Day, SonicWall looks at how cybersecurity has changed since WannaCry — and what we can do to ensure we never see such a widespread, devastating and preventable attack again. On May 12, 2017, […]

Enjoy the Speed and Safety of TLS 1.3 Support

SonicWall NGFWs offer full TLS 1.3 support — ensuring your network can handle the latest encryption protocols. The best products tend to stick around for a while. In the first two years that the Ford […]



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