SonicProtect: Ultimate Security and Investment Protection for Your Business

Learn about the new SonicProtect subscription – unmatched flexibility and cost savings with top-tier investment protection for every generation of SonicWall firewalls.


As a firewall user, you’re likely no stranger to the headaches of price hikes, inflation and the tedious task of planning annual operation costs.

Picture this: you’ve bought an extended warranty for an old appliance like a refrigerator. When it’s time to upgrade, you’re left wondering about the remainder of your warranty. Now, imagine you could “roll over” that warranty to your new appliance. Sounds great, right? With SonicWall, you can.

SonicProtect Subscription: Superior Threat and Investment Protection

In July, we’re launching our SonicProtect Subscription to all of our firewall customers. Think of it like an extended warranty with a rollover feature. It lets you protect your investment in security services, gives you maximum flexibility, cuts costs, and ensures you get the top-notch security features of our latest firewalls without sacrificing your warranty.

SonicProtect Subscription will deliver superior threat protection and investment protection for all generations of SonicWall firewalls with a single security service subscription.

A SonicProtect Subscription provides the highest tier of security services available on any hardware or virtual firewall platform generation. For example, SonicProtect offers the Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS) for Gen5 and Gen6/6.5 firewall platforms and the Advanced Protection Security Suite (APSS) for Gen7 firewall platforms.

Within the subscription period, the remainder of the security services carry over from one generation of firewalls to the next. For example, SonicProtect for the TZ400 family products will offer AGSS for TZ400 hardware, and when the customer upgrades to a TZ470, the remainder of the subscription can be applied to the TZ470 with APSS.

Advantages to Customers

Why is this beneficial to customers?

  • With 3-year and 5-year terms, SonicProtect subscriptions offer price protection on multi-year security services.
  • Customers also benefit from discounted multi-year service subscription fees and the ability to avoid any premiums on subscriptions similar to those on newer generation platforms.
  • It also offers the ability to predict OpEx spending related to security services.
  • This program entitles our customers to the highest tier of security services available on a given platform, including our patented Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI™) and patented single-pass, low-latency, Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI) engines.

Embrace Flexibility and Simplicity

The SonicProtect subscription is yet another initiative from SonicWall that continues our track record of pioneering flexible consumption models. SonicProtect now gets added to our already-robust portfolio of other programs providing license portability, including a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) licensing model in cloud marketplaces, a credit-based consumption model with FlexSpend, a customer loyalty program that allows customers to refresh to our latest offerings and migrate existing licenses, and monthly billing options for MSPs and MSSPs.

In addition to offering innovative consumption models, we are also heavily invested in providing greater simplicity. At RSA 2024, we demoed SonicPlatform and were awarded a spot in CRN’s “20 Coolest Cybersecurity Products at RSA ‘24.”

SonicPlatform is an innovative cybersecurity platform designed specifically for our customers, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). It unifies all SonicWall products under a singular, integrated interface and represents a significant stride toward a more integrated, efficient and secure management ecosystem for SonicWall’s diverse product suite. SonicPlatform not only streamlines management tasks; it also fosters deep integration, enabling the sharing of contextual information across all enforcement points within the product family and with third-party vendors.

Ready to Upgrade?

SonicWall firewalls deliver the platform advantage with SonicPlatform and investment protection with SonicProtect.

If you’d like to leverage a SonicProtect subscription for your SonicWall firewalls, contact your SonicWall partner or us here. Learn more about SonicProtect Subscription.

Tiju Cherian
Senior Manager, Product Management | SonicWall
Tiju Cherian leads the firewall product management team at SonicWall. Prior to this position, Tiju held escalation and lead roles at SonicWall, Accenture and HCL. He has 16-plus years of experience in the technology space, specializing in firewalls, VPN technology, information and enterprise network security.