Feature image that encourages visitors to upgrade to our latest next-generation firewall (NGFW) for free - trade in a legacy or competitor appliance and purchase our 3-Year EPSS.

Elevate Your Network with The Ultimate 3 & Free Promotion

Upgrade to our latest next-generation firewall (NGFW) for free when you trade in a legacy or competitor appliance and purchase our 3-Year EPSS.


As businesses of all sizes navigate the complexities of the modern cybersecurity landscape, finding the right firewall solution at the right price is critical to a successful IT strategy. Malware is a serious threat with serious consequences to your organization and its reputation — especially with ransomware gangs and other cybercriminals lying in wait for an opportunity to attack your network, steal your data and sow chaos within your organization.

You need a firewall appliance that can quickly detect and stop malware in real time, before it causes any damage.

Why ‘3 & Free’ is the Ultimate in Savings

The limited-time SonicWall 3 & Free NGFW promotion is a cost-efficient and painless way for new or existing customers to upgrade to the latest NGFW while getting an incredible service package at an unbeatable price.

In-line image that shows why ‘3 & Free’ provides the ultimate in savings for our customers.

Don’t miss out on this jaw-dropping offer: From now until December 31, 2023, you can get a free SonicWall NGFW when you buy our 3-Year Essential Protection Service Suite (EPSS) and upgrade or trade in your current competitor device or SonicWall legacy appliance.

With a new SonicWall NGFW equipped with our Essential Protection Service Suite (EPSS), you’ll have the industry-leading protection your organization needs to stay safe in the constantly evolving threat environment, including defense against advanced malware, ransomware, encrypted threats, viruses, spyware, zero-day exploits and so much more. You can rest assured that your data, devices and users are secure.

What Sets This Deal Apart

This promotion is right-sized for every business, providing not only the best opportunity to get a free next-gen firewall appliance, but also get the absolute best service and technology. And the savings continue even after you’ve deployed your new solution: Third-party testing by the Tolly Group compared SonicWall to Fortinet and found that the SonicWall solution has significantly lower 3-year TCO.

Our comprehensive EPSS package includes:

  • Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) with our patented RTDMI™
  • Gateway Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Comprehensive Anti-Spam
  • Content Filtering Service (CFS)
  • Application Control
  • Intrusion Prevention Services
  • 24×7 support including firmware

SonicWall’s Capture ATP is our award-winning cloud-based sandbox that uses multiple engines to scan and block the most advanced threats before they can infect your network. It offers industry-leading threat protection and simplified management.

One of the key features of Capture ATP is our patented Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI™) technology, which is a powerful tool that can detect and stop known and unknown threats in real-time. RTDMI utilizes a combination of memory inspection, CPU instruction tracking and machine learning to analyze the characteristics and behaviors of suspicious files and processes. Unlike traditional sandboxes, RTDMI can catch threats that don’t exhibit any malicious behavior or that use encryption techniques to conceal their malicious code.

With Capture ATP, you also gain the superior performance of our most advanced and user-friendly operating system ever — SonicOS7. SonicOS7 has been redesigned from scratch to be more agile, flexible and intuitive than any of its predecessors. It offers enhanced security, visibility and control over your network.

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Michelle Ragusa-McBain
Global Channel Chief | SonicWall
As the Global Channel Chief, Michelle Ragusa-McBain will be responsible for driving the channel ecosystem, enabling partners to grow and profit from the outside-in shift in cybersecurity. With more than 18 years of partner experience, Michelle has successfully led, developed, managed and grown channel ecosystems at Cisco, Office Depot | CompuCom and JS Group. She has led managed services, subscription/consumption models, distribution and alliances programs. She and her teams have been recognized with numerous channel awards, and she has served on multiple boards and communities driving DE&I initiatives and developing the next generation of channel talent.