SonicWall Delivers Choice, Flexibility as Part of Cloud Evolution


The performance and efficacy of cybersecurity solutions are important. But so are choice and flexibility, which are often lost as vendors force deployment options into customer environments.

Building and deploying sound cybersecurity controls is no easy task. Most organizations have hybrid networks and, hence, need a combination of on-premises, virtual, and as-a-service security solutions. Vendors that provide only one choice for the deployment model increase complexity for the customers. SonicWall’s customer-first approach aims to change that paradigm.

“Too many times organizations have been forced to change the way they operate in order to secure access to their networks, data, devices and people,” SonicWall President and CEO Bill Conner said in an official statement. “We’ve been busy innovating cloud and virtual solutions that help organizations secure complex blends of networks, including virtual, hybrid, cloud and on-premises deployments.”

SonicWall’s growing virtual, cloud and hybrid offerings leverage the best of the company’s Boundless Cybersecurity approach to provide deployment choices to the customer while solving real-world use cases faced by SMBs, enterprises, governments and MSSPs. SonicWall’s core cloud solution offerings:

  • Solve security and connectivity challenges for cloud-native and hybrid environments.
  • Secure access to cloud and on-premises applications and virtualized workloads through modern zero-trust capabilities.
  • Protect increasingly distributed and remote workforces through powerful virtualized security layers and zero-touch capabilities.
  • Simplify threat detection and response by unifying security events and analytics in a single cloud-based dashboard, allowing easy visualization and management of high-risk alerts.
  • Provide consistent security across networks — regardless of how it is deployed

While these are just a few foundational use cases to showcase ability, SonicWall has been busy designing, deploying, scaling, optimizing and securing a wide range of networks, including the most complex cloud-native and hybrid environments. Today’s announcement illustrates how SonicWall continues to evolve a set of cloud-centric security solutions for customers at various stages of their cloud journey.

A Lesson in Hybrid Security

One such success case is the University of Pisa, which is leveraging SonicWall cloud and virtual offerings to manage complex and distributed infrastructure, as well as secure on-campus and remote learning and working.

“The University of Pisa connects and secures a wide and distributed network of systems, users, applications and services to ensure our institution can provide the highest levels of on-campus and remote learning,” said University of Pisa CIO Antonio Cisternino. “It’s imperative that we’re able to use the same trusted security controls, regardless of how we deploy them. Through their growing range of virtual, cloud and hybrid offerings, SonicWall gives us that choice and flexibility without sacrificing the security standards we require to protect and enable students, faculty and staff.”

SonicWall ensures organizations like the University of Pisa are able to set their own deployment paths and cloud migration timelines — not forcing them into a rigid vendor-first approach.

Don’t Get ‘Boxed In’

Every day, SonicWall secures real-world hybrid environments using a cohesive mix of virtual, cloud and on-premises offerings, including SonicWall NSv virtual firewalls, Cloud Edge Secure Access zero-trust security, Cloud App Security to protect SaaS applications and appliance-free SMA virtual private networks (VPN).

However, because of the choices we offer, customers are free to deploy what works best for their networks, move to the cloud at their pace and obtain consistent security everywhere. Customers can easily manage SonicWall’s solutions from a cloud-delivered single-pane-of-glass called Capture Security Center (CSC). It centralizes management and aids in detecting and responding to threats across hybrid networks.

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