New SonicWall NSsp 13700 Firewall: Security for Large Enterprises


The enterprise perimeter now extends to anywhere that work gets done. Remote-first and boundless workforces are the new business reality, and the hyper-distributed business is here to stay. These and other shifts resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic have not and will not end any time soon. But an increase in attacks, combined with more employees working from home, puts organizations at a much higher risk.

The so-called “new business normal” didn’t happen in a vacuum — it created a new normal for cybercriminals, as well. These threat actors have been redoubling their efforts, often specifically targeting remote workers.

Today’s distributed IT reality is creating an unprecedented explosion of exposure points across organizations. As exposure points continue to multiply, business risks continue to escalate. Regardless of whether your entry points are on premises, in the cloud, in the data center, at a branch office or in a home office, each one needs to be protected from today’s increasingly sophisticated threats.

Ransomware continues to be both the preferred tool for cybercriminals and the most formidible threat to corporations. According to the 2021 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report, a staggering 304.6 million ransomware attacks occurred in 2020, compared to 121.4 million in 2019.

To best solve these challenges, enterprises need to be able to deploy enterprise-grade security technologies while minimizing costs. The SonicWall Network Security services platform (NSsp) high-end firewall series delivers the advanced threat protection, fast speeds and budget-friendly price that large enterprises, data centers and service providers demand.

Introducing SonicWall NSsp 13700: a NGFW for Enterprises, Government, Higher Ed and MSSPs

The SonicWall NSsp 13700 is a next-generation firewall (NGFW) with multiple 100/40/25/10/5/2.5/1.0 GbE interfaces, capable of processing millions of connections. Its high-speed connectivity and large port density — coupled with superior IPS and TLS1.3 inspection support — make the new NSsp 13700 an ideal threat protection platform for enterprise internet edge and data center deployments.

SonicWall NSsp 13700 combines validated security effectiveness and best-in-class price performance in a high-end, single-rack-mountable NGFW appliance.

What’s New

High-speed connectivity, port density and performance

NSsp 13700 is an energy-efficient, reliable appliance in a compact 1U appliance. Powered by the next-generation SonicOS 7.0.1 operating system, it is capable of processing millions of encrypted and unencrypted connections to deliver the uncompromised security required for large organizations.

The high-port-density NSsp 13700 includes 2x100GbE, 8x25GbE, 8×10/5/2.5/1GbE and 16x1GbE interfaces. It features a dedicated management port, 512GB of built-in storage, redundant power supplies and fans.

Specifications at a glance:

  • 45.5 Gbps of threat prevention throughput
  • 57 Gbps of application inspection throughput
  • 48 Gbps of IPS throughput
  • 16.5 Gbps of TLS inspection throughput
  • 14 million stateful connections
  • 12 million DPI connections
  • 100/40/25/10 GbE interfaces
  • Redundant power supply and fans

Powered by the new SonicOS 7.0.1

The SonicWall NSsp 13700 runs on SonicOS 7.0.1, a new operating system built from the ground up to deliver a modern user interface, intuitive workflows and user-first design principles. SonicOS 7.0 provides multiple features that facilitate enterprise-level workflows, as well as easy configuration and simplified and flexible management — all of which allow enterprises to improve both their security and their operational efficiency.

SonicOS 7.0.1 features:

  • Sandboxing using Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection® (RFDPI) and Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection™ (RTDMI) technology
  • Secure SD-WAN
  • High Availability
  • TLS 1.3 support
  • DNS Security
  • Gateway Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention and Application Control
  • Capture ATP Multi-Engine Sandboxing
  • URL Filtering
  • Error-free change management with Network Security Manager (NSM)
  • New intuitive dashboards , single-pane-of-glass management
  • New application framework
  • Enhanced APIs
  • Configuration audit
  • Notification center providing actionable alerts
  • Usage statistics for rules, objects and services

More details about the new SonicOS 7.0.1 can be found here.

Overall Solution Value

With the introduction of the new NSsp 13700 NGFW, SonicWall continues its commitment to providing enterprise-class security at a very reasonable TCO, all without compromising performance.

The SonicWall NSsp 13700 provides enterprises and data centers with scalable, deep security at multi-gigabit speeds. And by eliminating additional HA firewall license and security services costs, the NSsp 13700 offers huge cost savings.

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SonicWall Staff