Insights with Jayant: TZ Does It


As a product guy, I love discussing the different approaches to building new products. That’s why I’m happy to announce I’m embarking on a blog journey to explore recent product launches, as well as industry trends, opinions and insights.

For the first post in the “Insights with Jayant” series, I’d like to highlight our TZ firewall series product refresh — the starting point of our larger Gen 7 product refresh.

Gen 7, or the 7th generation of SonicWall next-generation firewalls (NGFWs), is more than just a hardware refresh. The new products run SonicOS 7, a completely redesigned operating system that offers brand-new software and security features. We’ve reimagined the user experience behind each product, making it easy to deploy them in a variety of use cases.

Plus, the Gen 7 refresh delivers a new level of manageability from the cloud and on-prem, allowing you to efficiently manage these products individually or by the thousands.

Before we embarked on the TZ Series refresh, we took the time to learn about the things happening in our customers’ world, such as:

  • How 5G adoption is progressing
  • How traffic patterns are shifting to HTTPs
  • How an increase in devices, including IoT devices, is increasing inspection bandwidth needs
  • How SD-WAN is gaining traction among organizations looking to reduce MPLS costs
  • How TLS 1.3 encryption is becoming the norm

We also spoke with many partners and customers individually to understand the various challenges they faced with existing products.

The knowledge we gathered helped us build new high-performance hardware platforms that can deliver effective security for organizations of all shapes and sizes. For example, we recently finished refreshing all the entry-level TZ products, also known as desktop firewalls. The new appliances deliver three to four times the performance offered by the previous generation.

And how do these new desktop firewalls address the needs we discovered during our customer research? With a variety of new and revamped features, such as:

  • 5G readiness
  • Hardware that provides better connectivity options
  • Higher threat, SSL and decryption performance that addresses HTTPs/bandwidth needs
  • Built-in SD-WAN, which you don’t have to pay extra for
  • Lawful TLS 1.3 decryption support

But we didn’t stop there: If you compare these firewalls to other desktop form-factor firewalls, you’ll discover that they provide much better threat protection performance. Look at the chart below:

The new SonicWall TZ Series — the first desktop form-factor NGFWs with multi-gig throughput — can protect SMBs and enterprises from threats hiding in encrypted TLS 1.3 traffic.

These firewalls are ideal for small offices (including home offices), small- to medium-sized businesses, retail locations, enterprise branch offices, or SD-WAN-enabled offices. They pack a punch!

Ready to try one? Visit the TZ Series product page to learn more about these new desktop NGFWs.


SonicWall Staff