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This week, vote for SonicWall in the computer security awards, an update on the Capital One data breach suspect, and GDPR is an identity thief’s dream.

SonicWall Spotlight

2019 Computing Security Awards – Vote for SonicWall

  • SonicWall are nominated in the following categories:

    Anti-Malware Solution of the Year – SonicWall Capture Client
    New Hardware Solution of the Year – SonicWall TZ Series
    SME Security Solution of the Year – SonicWall TZ Series

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The Top 25 Enterprise IT Innovators of 2019CRN

  • SonicWall CEO Bill Conner is named as one of CRN’s top 25 Enterprise IT innovators of 2019 with SonicWall Cloud App Security 2.0 names as one of the reasons behind the recognition.

Forget Panic Rooms and Alarms, State-of-the-Art Security Is Now Insanely High-Tech—and Nearly Invisible – Robb Report

  • Luxury lifestyle magazine Robb Report takes a look at the most up to date home and business security systems that money can buy, from residential surveillance systems installed by private security firms to the best business firewalls like those offered by SonicWall.

Best Security Hardware – Gold Medal – ChannelPro Network

Cybersecurity News

Virtually All Polled Enterprises Say They’ll Use SD-WAN in Next Two Years. Do You Know What It Is? Let Us Fill You In – The Register

  • With IDC’s Software-Defined WAN Survey published in April this year estimating that 95 per cent of enterprises expect to use SD-WAN technology within the next two years, and almost half already using it in one form or another, The Register take a look at the key SD-WAN considerations in 2019.

The Capital One Breach Suspect May Have Stolen Data From at Least 30 Other Companies and SchoolsBusiness Insider

  • Prosecutors of the Capital One data breach allege the suspect stole data on more than 30 entities, including private companies and schools, as well as 100 million Capital One customers.

Security Warning for Software Developers: You Are Now Prime Targets for Phishing Attacks – ZDNet

  • A new study has found that cybercriminals are increasingly targeting software developers in the hopes of landing administrator privileges on a network. With professional networks like LinkedIn providing would-be hackers with personal information they can easily harvest they are able to craft convincing looking phishing emails that may even fool the technology savvy.

Crossrider Adware Still Causing Unwanted Mac Browser Redirects – Security Boulevard

  • Addressing the myth that Mac’s cannot get a virus Security Boulevard investigate a new variant of the Crossrider malware currently infecting Apple systems. The risk isn’t just an infection from annoying but relatively benign adware, but that it may morph into something more dangerous.

‘It Is Absurd.’ Data Breaches Show It’s Time to Rethink How We Use Social Security Numbers, Experts Say – Time

  • Unchanging Social Security numbers that were never intended to be used as identification are described as an ‘absurd’ idea in a world where data is regularly being stolen and released online. ID cards that use Blockchain technology is one of several solutions proposed to deal with identity theft in the modern age.

And Finally

Talk About Unintended Consequences: GDPR Is an Identity Thief’s Dream Ticket to Europeans’ Data – The Register

  • A student attending Black Hat 2019 explains how he gamed GDPR privacy laws to allow him access to a huge amount of personal data, the very kind of data the laws are designed to protect.

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