‘Chase & Capture’: The Chertoff Group Hosts SonicWall CEO Bill Conner on Latest Podcast

You’ve hopefully read the 2019 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report from cover to cover. Now you can hear the insights directly from SonicWall President and CEO Bill Conner.

The Chertoff Group hosted Conner on Insights & Intelligence, the D.C.-based firm’s podcast that encourages dialogue about security, technology and policy.

Conner was joined by Chertoff Group Principal Katie Montgomery as they explored the fast-moving cyber arms race in the newest episode, “Chase & Capture: Inside the Tactical Advances between Cybercriminals and the Security Industry.” The episode provides key context about the cyber intelligence published in the 2019 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report.

“This report is a foundation for seeing what’s happening in the cyber arms race,” said Conner. “We learned how to fight by air, land and sea, but the new digital frontier is where the next threats are.”

During the 25-minute podcast, the pair discussed a number of emerging and critical cybersecurity trends and topics, including the:

  • Ebb and flow of cybercriminal strategy
  • Impact of IoT on cybersecurity
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Never-before-seen cyber threats
  • Drop in ransomware volume in the U.K.
  • Growing importance of federal policy
  • Lurking repercussions of processor threats
  • Use of PDF and Office files to circumvent traditional security controls

The Insights & Intelligence podcast is available via Google Play, Spotify, Apple and at www.chertoffgroup.com/podcasts.

About the ‘Intelligence & Insights’ Podcast

Listen to the best and brightest in security share their unique insights and perspectives around the changing nature of risk by downloading episodes of Insights & Intelligence, a Chertoff Group podcast. Hosted by Katy Montgomery, Insights & Intelligence explores the impact of security, technology and policy on today’s risk management decisions and how to create more resilient environments for today’s constantly changing world.

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Geoff Blaine
Sr. Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer | SonicWall
A 16-year veteran of the cybersecurity space, Geoff serves as Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer. Geoff is a seasoned B2B marketing professional with core disciplines in digital strategy, content marketing, advertising and corporate communication. He also delivers a blend of real-world journalism experience, cybersecurity perspective and mainstream tech interest.

Geoff graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Oklahoma.
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