Cyber Security News & Trends – 12-14-18


A history of data breaches, SonicWall expands in Dubai and India, and the reappearance of Shamoon. It’s your cybersecurity news roundup for the week.

SonicWall Spotlight

NetSecOPEN Names Founding Members, Board of Directors – Dark Reading

  • SonicWall is amongst the founding members of NetSecOPEN, an organization that aims to create open network security testing standards. Atul Dhablania’s testimonial confirms SonicWall’s dedication.

The 10 Coolest New Cybersecurity Tools of 2018 – CRN

  • SonicWall Capture Cloud Platform is included on CRN’s coolest tool list for its advanced capabilities at analyzing, classifying and blocking malware.

SonicWall Strengthens Regional Presence With New Dubai HQ – Tahawultech (India)

  • SonicWall executive director Michael Berg is interviewed on video talking about the opening of SonicWall’s new office in Dubai.

India, a Key High Growth Market for SonicWall – CRN India

  • Debasish Mukherjee talks SonicWall’s expansion in India, explaining how it’s strong technology that allows SonicWall to stand out from the crowd.

Cyber Security News

The Wired Guide to Data Breaches – Wired

  • Wired trace the history of electronic data breaches, from a 1984 credit agency leak all the way up to present-day, and look at the future of the cyber arms race.

Is Tech Too Easy to Use? – The New York Times

  • The increase in frictionless tech experiences means end users often don’t think about how their data is being collected and used. This can have devastating effects down the line if a data breach occurs.

Google to Shut Down Google+ Early Due to Bug That Leaked Data of 52.5 Million Users – NPR

  • After inadvertently giving app developers access to information on over 52 million users in November of this year, Google is shutting down Google+ in April rather than August 2019.

Super Micro Finds No Malicious Hardware in Motherboards  – The Wall Street Journal

  • After headline reports earlier this year claimed that the Chinese government had secretly planted spying chips into computers assembled in China, Super Micro Computers Inc. this week told customers that they can find no evidence of hardware tampering.

Poll: Cyber Crime Has Affected One in Four Americans – The Hill

  • Gallup asked the American public if they or a close family member had been affected by cybercrime and 23 percent say they had.

Fortune 500 Cybersecurity Is Better and Worse Than You’d Think – Axios

  • Rapid7 released their first Industry Cyber-Exposure Report and found huge problems with email security at more than half of Fortune 500 companies. However, it also found that most are doing a good job at reducing entry points.

Over Half of Brazil’s Population Exposed in Security Incident – ZDNet

  • As many as 120 million Brazilian citizens had their ID numbers publicly accessible for weeks in the early months of 2018.

Shamoon Reappears, Poised for a New Wiper Attack – Threat Post

  • Shamoon is a data-wiping malware that can completely cripple an infected PC that previously made world news targeting energy firms. It first emerged in 2012, made a comeback in 2016 and is now being detected again, leading experts to predict that another attack may be imminent.

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