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SonicWall Spotlight

Jonesboro Council Tackles Cybersafety — The Clayton News Daily

  • Due to the recent Atlanta data breach, other cities are taking the initiative to bolster their preventative cybersecurity measures such as Georgia’s Jonesboro City Council who recommend SonicWall’s TZ300 Firewall solution to protect the city’s financial data.

SonicWall Bags the Most Promising Cybersecurity Vendor of the Year Award — InfoSecurity Live

  • In India, SonicWall has been awarded the InfoSecurity Live Editor’s Choice Award for the Most Promising Cybersecurity Vendor of the Year for 2017 through 2018.

SonicAlert: New Variant Family of PUBG Ransomware — SonicWall Security Center

  • The SonicWall Capture Labs Threat Research Team has observed reports of a new variant family of PUBG Ransomware [Pubg.RSM] actively spreading in the wild. PUBG Ransomware encrypts the victim’s files and forces them to play an hour of a game called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to get their files back.

10 Hot New Cloud Security Products Announced at RSA 2018 — CRN

  • The SonicWall Capture Cloud Platform is featured as the second product to make CRN’s 10 Hot New Cloud Security Products list announced at RSA this week.

20 Hot New Security Products Announced At RSA 2018 — CRN

  • SonicWall’s NSv Virtual Firewall is featured in CRN’s 20 Hot New Security Products listing at RSA 2018.

20 Hot New Security Products Announced At RSA 2018 — CRN

  • The 20 Hot New Security Products list at RSA 2018 also highlights SonicWall’s Capture Client for enabling advanced endpoint security.

EXCLUSIVE: Britain Facing Cyber War as Online Attacks Soar by 300% — Daily Express

  • In an exclusive interview with The Daily Express’ John Ingham, SonicWall President and CEO Bill Conner discusses the 300 percent increase in UK cyber attacks, compared to a 151 percent increase worldwide.

Cyber Security News

Huawei and ZTE Hit Hard as U.S. Moves Against Chinese Tech Firms — The New York Times

  • The United States undercut China’s technology ambitions on Tuesday, advancing a new rule that would limit the ability of Chinese telecommunications companies to sell their products in this country.

This Ransomware was Rewritten to Mine Cryptocurrency – and Destroy Your Files — ZDNet

  • Some criminals are shifting from ransomware to cryptocurrency miners – those behind XiaoBa have rejigged the code to shift the same malware towards a different focus.

Critical Infrastructure Needs Shoring Up After U.S., U.K. Blame Russia for Attacks — SC Magazine

  • The U.S. is prepared to take aggressive action against Russia for a recent, extended campaign of cyberattacks on infrastructure assets around the world by compromising devices such as routers and firewalls, the White House cybersecurity coordinator, who has since left his position, said Monday.

DHS Secretary: U.S. Could Cyberattack Countries Sponsoring Hacks — CNet

  • Kirstjen Nielsen tells RSA conference the U.S. hasn’t ruled out offensive cyberattacks to prevent hacks from other countries.

SamSam Explained: Everything You Need to Know About This Opportunistic Group of Threat Actors — CSO

  • In his latest article, Steve Ragan talks about the group behind the SamSam family of ransomware, known for recent attacks on healthcare organizations and other targets.

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