Innovate More, Fear Less with SonicWall’s Automated Breach Prevention at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2017


The Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2017 runs June 12-14 in the Gaylord National Convention Center, National Harbor, Maryland, promising the insight you need to guide your organization to a secure digital business future. As the world’s leading research and advisory company, Gartner helps business leaders across all major functions in every industry and enterprise size with the objective insights they need to make the right decisions. SonicWall is proud to be among the premier security, risk management and business continuity management leaders brought together for this major event.

To stay competitive today, organizations need to embrace the benefits of new technology, while managing its risks. Yet as recent headline-grabbing attacks such as WannaCry demonstrate, the global cyber arms race is continually evolving.

SonicWall is committed to enabling you to stay ahead of cybercriminals with cutting-edge security solutions that leverage continual threat updates from our global SonicWall Capture Threat Network. As a result, SonicWall customers were protected from WannaCry weeks before its first public attack. And with our comprehensive, multi-layered security approach, SonicWall is ready to help you secure your organization from the next emerging threat.

Join us at booth 503 to learn about the latest trends in cybercrime, as well as the advances SonicWall and the cybersecurity industry have made to counter them (as outlined in our 2017 Annual Threat Report). Take this opportunity to attend our expert presentations and demonstrations on how to prevent breaches, uncover encrypted threats, stop phishing and ransomware attacks, identify compromised IoT devices and stop threats targeting weak spots in your network.

  • Prevent zero-day and advanced threats. Watch a demo of our award-winning multi-engine sandbox, SonicWall Capture ATP, as it scans network traffic in the cloud to prevent threats from entering your network. See how you can block unknown files until Capture reaches a verdict, which is rendered by our Capture Threat Network in near real-time.
  • The majority of web traffic is now encrypted, as well as the malware that it carries. Learn how our Encrypted Threats solutions inspect SSL/TLS traffic to uncover hidden malicious behavior, block C&C communications and stop data exfiltration.
  • Because email is a primary vector for many attacks, you will also want to learn about our revolutionary next-gen Email Security solution to protect email files, stop phishing and block ransomware. Learn how you can block spoofed email and attacks with our hosted service for SMB or via our on premise enterprise email security solutions.

Don’t just detect breaches after they’ve already been in the headlines. We are holding a boardroom session titled: Automated Breach Prevention with Multi-Engine Sandboxing and Encrypted Traffic Visibility. Attendees will learn how to protect users from ransomware and how to deal with the increase of encrypted traffic. SonicWall Capture Labs built a multi-engine cloud sandbox to power the world’s first automated breach prevention platform. It was specifically designed to block the latest ransomware – whether it comes in via clear text traffic or through an SSL/TLS connection.

Let SonicWall help you prevent attacks in real time. Please join us at our “SonicWall Pub” hospitality suite on June 13 5:30-8:30 National Harbor 8 and see how SonicWall can help your organization innovate more, and fear less. Tune in via Twitter #GartnerSEC and follow @SonicWall. If you want a head start, you can play with our security solutions online by visiting our Live Demo site.

SonicWall Staff