We Need to Re-think our Approach to IT Security


Despite the dramatic increase in IT security spending over the last decade, we continue to see a similar increase in the number and the cost of IT security breaches. Consider that Gartner estimates that IT security spending will soar from $75 billion-plus in 2015 to $101 billion in 2018. And similar research firm Markets and Markets sees the cybersecurity market hitting $170 billion by 2020.

We have all read about the high profile breaches at Sony, Target and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, yet few of us realize there are an order of magnitude more breeches that hit less known and smaller companies every day. Forty-two percent of SMBs said they experienced a cyberattack within the past year according to the Ponemon Institute study. And the average cost of a breach according to a study by the same firm is $3.8 million. This represents a 23 percent increase since 2013.

What this means is that despite all the money and effort we have put into improving IT Security, something is not working. Or at least not as well as we all would like.

The obvious reaction to these trends is to remain cautious, to be on alert, to hold back on granting access to internal applications and data that might add the risk of another breach. Curtis Hutcheson, VP and GM of SonicWall Security Solutions discussed the need for a new approach to IT security in his recent blog.

Who, of course, would not react this way? Who could honestly say they aren’t afraid of an attack that would result in lost customers, lost revenue and lost jobs?

But holding back out of fear is not the right answer. Markets are competitive. There is always another company, organization, agency that is ready to take our customers, students, and stakeholders should we slip or fall behind.

Enabling employees, students, and administrators with access to the latest tools and applications is critical to remaining competitive, to innovating, to winning. Saying “No” might make us feel safer in the short run, but it is likely to cause larger systemic issues that make us irrelevant in today’s fast paced world.

At SonicWall Security we believe there is a way to say “Yes.” We believe IT security executives can:

  • Say “Yes” to initiatives that enable innovation and create competitive advantage


  • Say “Yes” and dramatically improve security to keep corporate and organization assets safe from external threats.

We believe it’s time for IT Security leaders to re-think their approach to IT Security, to be bold and open up their own Department of Yes.

And we can help. Our context-aware security solutions share information which allows It Security departments to Govern Every Identity and Inspect Every Packet on the network. These solutions, working together and not in silos, deliver better overall security with less complexity and at lower total cost.Patrick Sweeny recently discussed how we can help you can open your own Department of Yes.

We are committed to helping our customers deliver better overall security and driving innovation and competitive advantage. That is why we have launched a global campaign to help educate customers on how we can help them open their own Department of Yes. We are partnering with a number of large major media partners including RedmondMag, IDG, CSO, NetworkWorld, CNN and CNBC to help drive our message and educate IT Security executives.

Here are examples of the new campaign

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SonicWall Staff