Three Reasons to Simplify Your Network Infrastructure


You have a growing business, so you need to add more connections: PCs, cameras, or even another location. As you grow, your IT infrastructure is getting complicated, and with every new branch office complexity becomes an issue. As this network grows, there are additional challenges when adding more connections that need to be managed by the firewall. For organizations with multiple remote sites, such as retailers and distributed enterprises, there could be hundreds of consoles to manage, leading to uncontrollable complexity and spiraling costs. Whether it’s scaling to expand a small business or already overseeing a large enterprise, managing the security of an entire distributed network necessitates a simpler and more consolidated approach that can work within tight budgets.

This seems to be a common theme for many companies, ranging from a single store to a large multi-store chain. As I see it, the challenge is the need for a simpler, more centralized approach that allows you to:

  • Securely grow the business
  • Manage security, wireless, cameras, VoIP, networking and WAN acceleration infrastructure through a centralized management console.
  • Create and deploy consistent security policies, across multiple branches or locations

Traditionally, you rely on your network expert to build out a network consisting of several dumb switches that only increase complexity and cost. This is especially true when configuring distributed networks, as each piece requires multiple consoles, increased overhead costs and the potential for misconfiguration and non-compliance. Managing success should not include dealing with increased complexity and less security.

SonicWall’s solution solves this challenge with a converged infrastructure approach. For a single installation, SonicWall lets you add more connections that are managed by the firewall, thus, delivering greater flexibility to apply granular security controls. SonicWall provides a single solution to connect all your devices, whether they be PCs and printers, or Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices (such as wireless access points and cameras). For remote installations, SonicWall’s solution lets you deliver consistent security policies that can be viewed under a single centralized management console.

To learn more about how you can grow your business while reducing complexity, click here to read our executive brief.

SonicWall Staff