SonicWall Firewall As A Service Offers New GMS Infrastructure


Today, customers are looking for more security and insight into the traffic on their network, without the burden of managing it on their own. Increasingly managed service providers (MSPs) are being asked to deliver network perimeter protection. Meeting this demand, SonicWall Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) now offers new SonicWall Global Management Systems (GMS) as a Cloud managed services. Immediately available from SonicWall are three unique options of the Global Management System Infrastructure solution: Monitoring, Monitoring and Reporting and Fully Managed. The undeniable benefits of all of these choices is that each lower upfront costs through the monthly subscription pricing. Customers also gain enterprise-level network security to defend against the relentless global threats and malware attacks without having to worry about maintenance or support. These solutions simplify customer management and deployment of SonicWall products. These new offerings will be provided by Solutions Granted Inc. and Western NRG, Inc., our selected infrastructure providers.

SonicWall Security’s Firewall-As-as-Service bundle includes a  SonicWall next-generation firewall appliance, Total Secure/Comprehensive Gateway Security Software (CGSS) and SonicWall Global Management System (GMS). What is new is that we are giving you more options on where and how to run the SonicWall GMS, allowing you to rapidly deploy and centrally manage the SonicWall next-gen firewall. This highly effective system provides real-time monitoring and alerts, along with comprehensive policy and compliance reporting in a solution that can easily be deployed as a hosted solution.

Option number one provides GMS infrastructure with monitoring. Option number two delivers more comprehensive security with both monitoring and reporting. With these 2 options the Managed Service Provider (MSP) will run GMS and is responsible for the workload, but uses the SonicWall GMS infrastructure. The value is to eliminate the cost of the GMS infrastructure, with a monthly price instead of an upfront cost, scaling over time to accommodate growth.

The third and most comprehensive option consists of a fully managed GMS instance and execution of the managed firewall service for the VAR/MSP. The value of this service is a VAR can now participate without being an MSP. With this option you sell the service, but the delivery of that service is handled by the new SonicWall GMS managed services offerings. This expands your business as a VAR. These options all complement and extend SonicWall security products and services provider, while optimizing your business security, managing growth and easing the administrative burdens.

We invite you to tune in for a live webcast on how the new offerings in the FWaaS partner program will help you increase your sales on, Thursday Nov. 5, 2015 at 11 a.m. Pacific/2 pm Eastern.

Meet us in-person at the upcoming IT Nation 2015 conference, Nov. 11 – 13, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, where SonicWall Security Solutions experts will demonstrate our SonicWall Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) and SonicWall Global Systems Management next week.

SonicWall Staff