November Cyber Threat Data: Watch out for Encrypted Attacks

We’ve reviewed hard numbers from the SonicWall Capture Labs to provide you with our analysis of for November attack patterns, as well as advice on how to combat the trends we’re seeing in the cybersecurity […]

Video: Why Layered Security Matters

Understanding the benefits of certain security technology is always important. But hearing innovation explained by two cybersecurity industry icons provides the context to appreciate how it works and the importance of implementing sound defenses to […]

3 Ways to Prevent Cryptominers from Stealing Your Processing Power

Visiting a website is no longer what it used to be. Despite this hilarious Imgur post, there is a different trend you may not have noticed: cryptomining via the browser. Many news and procrastination (e.g., BuzzFeed) […]

Cyber Monday, Black Friday Targeted by Spike in Ransomware Attacks

Throughout the year, SonicWall tracks cyber threats around the clock. But the holiday shopping season — specifically the days around Thanksgiving — is anything but typical. During this nine-day window, cybercriminals plan and execute cyberattacks, even […]

What can Black Friday 2017 tell us about 2018?

Historic Black Friday, Cyber Monday Threat Data Prepares Businesses, Shoppers for Holiday Cyberattacks

It’s officially Thanksgiving week in the U.S. In addition to gathering with family and friends for the traditional turkey meal, many of us get excited about the holiday shopping season, which kicks off with Black […]



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