Bill Conner: How the UK Is Taking Malware Seriously

Bill Conner sat down with Information Age editor Nick Ismail to discuss global malware attack statistics, cross-border cybersecurity collaboration, the increasing need to inspect PDFs and Microsoft Office documents, and how all impact the dynamic […]

SSL, TLS Certificates Expiring on US Government Sites During Federal Shutdown

The short- and long-term impacts of the U.S. Federal Government shutdown have been well documented during the last month. Government employees aren’t receiving paychecks. National parks are being vandalized. Air travel could soon been at […]

December 2018 Cyber Threat Data: Ransomware Peaking Globally

We finished off 2018 with an in-depth focus on Cyber Monday and the threats over the holiday period. Now that we are into 2019 we are able to take the full month into consideration and […]

2018 Holiday Cyber Threat Data: Final Analysis Shows Big Ransomware Spikes in US, UK

It’s no secret that consumers flock to online retailers during the holiday shopping season between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Last month, SonicWall provided deep cyber threat data for the nine-day window that included Black […]

November Cyber Threat Data: Watch out for Encrypted Attacks

We’ve reviewed hard numbers from the SonicWall Capture Labs to provide you with our analysis of for November attack patterns, as well as advice on how to combat the trends we’re seeing in the cybersecurity […]



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