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Sohrab Hashemi

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Sohrab Hashemi is the Senior Product Manager for SonicOS at SonicWall. Prior to this role, Sohrab was the Senior Engineering Manager at SonicWall, managing test efforts for SonicOS & WXA. Before joining the SonicWall team, Sohrab held engineering positions at Code Green, Blue Coat, Shoretel and 8x8. Sohrab holds an MBA and a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from San Jose State University.
Day after day, the number of users is growing on the web, and so is the number of connections. At the same time, so is the number of cyberattacks hidden by encryption. SonicWall continues to tackle the encrypted threat problem by expanding the number of SSL/TLS connections that it can inspect for ransomware.
Whenever there’s talk of a DDoS (distributed denial-of service) attack, network administrators think of multiple systems flooding a network device from various locations on the internet. However, when it comes to BlackNurse, a new & quite different type of DDoS, a single laptop can launch the attack to bring down the gateway firewall!