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Srudi Dineshan

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As the product marketing manager for the SonicWall secure wireless access product line, Srudi is responsible for marketing strategies, content creation and product launches. Prior to her role at SonicWall, she served as a competitive technical marketing engineer with Aruba Networks. During this time, she worked on multiple competitor solutions and gained over four years of wireless expertise. Srudi holds an M.S. in Telecommunication and Network Management from Syracuse University and various certifications such as CWNA, CCNA, SPM and PMC.
Did you know that wireless technology dates back to the 19th century? Through the years, great inventors like Michael Faraday, Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla helped mold the concepts and theories behind electromagnetic radio frequency (RF). It wasn’t until 1997, however, that the first 802.11 technology was introduced, which is known as the 802.11 legacy standard today.
When waves of cyber attacks hit last year, such as WannaCry and Not Petya ransomwares, businesses lost billions of dollars in high-profile breaches. In addition, more than half of the U.S. population’s Social Security information was compromised in the Equifax breach. It was a record-breaking year. Perhaps the only good that came out of these fiascos is that users became more aware of the importance of cyber security.