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Rob Krug

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Rob Krug is currently a Senior Systems Engineer for SonicWall. He has been in the network security space for nearly 25 years, and has certifications in both networking and security disciplines as well as all SonicWall certifications.  Rob has an extensive background in network design, engineering, security, and telecommunications, and is a past SonicWall System Engineer of the Year. 
“Inspect every packet, every time.” This has been my advice to any network admin or business owner for many years. This is equally important in regards to encrypted traffic. Much of the internet has become encrypted, meaning that it can only be perused and accessed over HTTPS. While this rightly includes traffic such as online banking and financial sites, it also now includes webmail, social media, online streaming video, music and even search engines.
For those following along, over the past two months there have been several reports, warnings, blogs and other industry analyses suggesting that HTTPS inspection by security companies is actually weakening security.  Those that know me well know that I am a huge proponent of performing HTTPS inspection.  I found myself arguing against the recommendations of various advisories that suggest the very thing I have been saying, or rather preaching, for the past several years was now bad.
Most of us would reach into a cookie jar full of delicious, just-out-of-the-oven, chocolate chip cookies without a care in the world, or any doubt that we should simply enjoy the euphoric chocolaty goodness. But what about germs? Did everyone wash their hands before reaching into the jar? What soap did they use?
When a giant global plastics manufacturer faced a super cyber threat landscape, SonicWall’s firewall “Hero Sandwich” came to the rescue. This powerful security solution of the SonicWall Firewall Sandwich was recently leveraged by our customer, a global enterprise network. The challenges faced by this customer were the same that all companies face today as the cyber threat landscape increases exponentially year over year.