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Florian Malecki

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As International Product Marketing Director at SonicWall, Florian, Malecki drives the development of SonicWall solutions for worldwide markets. Previously he served as a member of the SonicWall marketing team, where he handled development of enterprise-class products and services for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) markets. Prior to joining SonicWall, he worked as the EMEA Marketing Manager for Aventail and the International Marketing Manager at ClearSwift. He has also worked in senior marketing roles at Omgeo and Lucent Technologies. Malecki’s area of interest is high-performance computing (HPC).

Join SonicWall at CeBIT 2017 on the 20-24th of March, in Hannover, Germany.

With “Experience the Digital Transformation” as this year’s theme, IT Security will be at the forefront of the visitors’ agenda, alongside other leading-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, humanoid robots and applications of virtual reality. But security can’t be an afterthought!


Designed to strengthen protection of personal information for all EU citizens, the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR – goes into effect in May 2018 and may affect companies of all sizes, in all regions, and in all industries, who holds EU citizen personal information. Those who will be victim of a data breach when the GDPR goes into effect risk significant fine (up to Euros 20millions or 4% of their global revenues), and loss of reputation, that could bring the business to its knees.


Shrinking or flat IT security budgets and personnel; this is what many organizations of any size are facing daily. However, the security threats and compliance requirements continue to grow and become even more complex.

In response, many companies have implemented single security solutions on a reactive basis. For example, they might have started with a traditional firewall to protect their network, then implemented a web content filtering gateway and then added a dedicated intrusion prevention system (IPS/IDS) solution.


Patrick Sweeney, executive director of product management, SonicWall Security Products once said “At any given moment, every organization in the world is a few packets away from an imminent infrastructure disaster!” There can be many reasons for this to happen: out of date security technologies, non- adapted security policies and human errors.


Providing employees with mobile access to corporate resources and applications can deliver a wealth of benefits, including improved productivity, satisfaction and innovation. However, it also introduces security and compliance challenges, from data loss to network breaches and malware attacks.

The way people work has fundamentally changed and mobile devices are at the forefront of this shift.


Triple-A ratings are normally associated with chief financial officers keeping a tab on John Moody’s bond credit rating. In the world of IT however, how can a chief information officer or information technology decision maker (ITDM) rate the efficiency of an IT security implementation?

IT security is one of the main concerns for ITDMs with attacks such as Venom, Shellshock or Heartbleed and others affecting organizations globally.