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Angelo Rodriguez

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Angelo Rodriguez is the Director of Presales Engineering in the Americas for SonicWall. Previously, Angelo held similar roles for Network Security and Enterprise Networking at Dell and various sales, technical and leadership roles at Cabletron, Nokia/Check Point, Siemens and Juniper Networks. Angelo studied Computer Information Systems at Marymount University and holds a CISSP among other networking and security certifications. He is currently working towards his Certified Ethical Hacker certification and Executive Education at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business.
In most organizations, the same issue is being felt – how can network security be increased without lowering performance within a budget? How much risk is acceptable? If your organization is not facing this issue, you should be looking at the growth of encrypted web traffic (https) and cloud computing and how your current firewall maintains performance and/or efficacy in this new environment.
Many deployed security solutions rely on a number of legacy products to provide layered security services. In addition, most customers are without security products that perform deep packet inspection (DPI) or SSL/TLS (DPI-SSL) inspection. This combination is leaving you vulnerable at a time when the complexity of cyber security attacks and the proliferation of malware is exploding.