• Sets the gold standard for business continuity through innovative dynamic license pooling to deliver secure access for all data types across any device
  • Addresses the challenge many organizations face when moving to the cloud, combining traditional resources and cloud applications in a single pane of glass portal
  • Delivers an intuitive user experience while making companies more secure by bringing the latest clientless access methods and ciphers to the platform


Santa Clara, Calif. – SonicWall, the trusted security partner protecting more than a million business networks worldwide, today announced significant enhancements to its Secure Mobile Access (SMA) solution providing even greater security to customers in an ever-growing world of everywhere access and BYOD. In SonicWall’s first product enhancement since beginning independent operations earlier this month, the new SonicWall SMA 1000 Series OS 12.0 provides policy enforced secure access to authorized remote and mobile users for all data types across any device.

“The exponential growth of BYOD and the increased need for remote access have driven a new requirement for security with high availability to business wireless and mobile networks,” said Bill Conner, president and CEO, SonicWall. “Increasingly, the complexity of connecting any mobile device with data of all types has also hindered the ability of businesses to securely expand their access. SonicWall Secure Mobile Access provides customers and partners with highly reliable access security without the risk and complexity of moving to the cloud.”

The SonicWall SMA 1000 Series OS 12.0 features policy enforced SSL VPN to mission critical applications, data and resources from all operating systems and mobile devices. Administrators have the ability to configure security policies that provide best-in-class, context-aware authorization which grants variable levels of access to data only to trusted users dependent on the health metrics of their connecting devices and location.

New features of the SonicWall SMA 1000 Series OS 12.0 include:

  • Global High Availability offers a turnkey approach to delivering robust remote access where a high degree of business continuity is required, all without any downtime and aggressive SLAs. Global High Availability includes the patent pending Global Traffic Optimizer for traffic load balancing with zero-impact failover for high resiliency across data centers. It also provides real-time monitoring across environment performance and user sessions, while delivering active/active configuration for high availability.
  • Blended SSO technology enables organizations to move to the cloud utilizing a single pane of glass to access traditional campus resources and SaaS cloud applications, allowing service owners to seamlessly move resources to the cloud while maintaining a familiar access experience for their users.
  • Rules based access control delivers best-in-class security to minimize surface threats, while making organizations more secure through cipher enhancements to the advanced suite B algorithms in accordance with the National Security Agency.
  • An intuitive user experience through enhanced browser based clientless access and native apps provides an updated and modernized user interface for both the administrative console and user workplace portals.

SonicWall SMA 1000 Series is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Chrome OS devices to provide secure access to allowed network resources.  The solution supports up to 20,000 concurrent connections on a single appliance with the ability to scale to hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections with multiple appliances when managed by SonicWall’s Central Management Server and utilizing the dynamic pooled licenses.

SonicWall SMA 1000 Series OS 12.0 is now available at no cost to installed base SonicWall SMA customers with a support contract in place.

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Over a 25 year history, SonicWall has been the industry’s trusted security partner. From network security to access security to email security, SonicWall has continuously evolved its product portfolio, enabling organizations to innovate, accelerate and grow.  With over a million security devices in almost 200 countries and territories worldwide, SonicWall customers can confidently say yes to the future.

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James Whewell
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James Whewell has more than 20 years’ experience in technology providing product management, security consultancy, systems analysis and engineering direction to many of the top Fortune 100 companies.

As Director of Product Management, James leads the SonicWall Mobile and Access Security product management teams worldwide. He joined Dell in 2014 to lead the Connected Security initiatives focused on combining Dell technology to solve scalable problems which point solutions alone fail to reach. Specializing in Access and Mobility, James has extensive knowledge of the BYOD landscape with firsthand experience both as a vendor and customer, providing a unique perspective on the challenges faced.

Before joining SonicWall, James ran Access and Mobility engineering at Barclays where he spent 10 years growing the companies mobility strategy, empowering a 200k+ work force to embrace BYOD and live a greater work life balance. With a long history in Access, James has been around SSL VPN technologies since inception and was a founding member of the UK startup Aspelle, who in the early 2000’s pioneered Aspelle Everywhere.

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